I Will See You In Empty Spaces

by Two Seas

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released August 17, 2013

Recorded and produced by Shaun Benjamin
(Special thanks to Wei Wen and Ze Wen)

All songs written by Two Seas
Artwork by Two Seas



all rights reserved


Two Seas Singapore

Two Seas is a band comprised of 5 friends in Singapore. We love what we do and that's pretty much it.

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Track Name: Bedlam
Long ago, by the rivermouth
There was a boy who lost his way
His brother said - Don't be afraid
Just throw your voice out
I'll be at the lake

And so he ran toward the shores
Between two seas
He felt to his knees

'You said you'd be there’
Track Name: Glassmouth
Was it what I said?
That you turned your back on me
A thousand songs that we wrote
Up on roofs we sung away
Never to be heard. Never again

Now, there's no circumstance
Where you'll be fine

Searching for a sign
Where everything collides
And i will not refrain
From taking what was mine
This day will remain forever in a stain
Yet I will not complain
There's nothing left to say (to you)

(I have seen you fall on your feet)

What we left in May
I never cleared my head to date
But I swear it'll go away
Not unless you stay

Searching for a sign
Where everything aligns
and I will not refrain
From holding you, my prize
Your taste still remains forever in my strains
Yet I will not complain
There's blood stuck in these frames
Track Name: Earl Grey / I
I will see you in every disappointment
And corner I have missed
Still the strangest thing is
How you come to me when I'm asleep
You do

So what's the matter now?
Is it all too cold or are we fading without
Without a sound?

Turning love
Into the sea
So I can feel you
All around me

But you're clouding your lungs
And I never was enough
To make you change your mind
Instead of changing shapes
Like you always do

Still I'm clouding my lungs
Am I loud enough?
Can you hear my voice
Flowing through the airwaves?
Like children in the dark
I'm finding you
Track Name: Earl Grey / II
Honestly, it's not your fault
That we're not talking over nothing at all.
Blame it on the distance
That it takes too long
Still we both know how this ends
How you'll win and not say anything
Worth listening to
I'm out the door

Silenced in
I am drowning
Left beneath the earth
Throw your own on the floor

Love it all to end
I can't reach the coast
In the dust
In the humming of the world
In an echo in my head
Don't say it's over
It's over

...That you have loved and lost
Poor little girl
You gave away everything
Everything you've built
So i'm sorry
For all the shit we've done
For every single made mistake
I'm sorry
What time may never wash away
Track Name: You Are Disappearing
Two years it took to find a way
To all the love behind the smoke
Floating in the air
Am I too blind or

Is this just another train of thought
That I will bury
And never act upon
Like a coward? What a coward

Just like a bible verse
That's sung to deafened ears
Of those who still curse
Yet never speak
But you, you had the chance to leave
I swore to understand
And with this smile say it'll be alright

Floating in the air, I open my eyes
I watch you bloom
I watch you grow
I hear your voice
And when you disappear...
Track Name: White Yolk
You brought change
In a single glow
Like a washed away
Note that I wrote

It's not the same
The way that you’d left it
I never knew you too well

White yolk
As pure as you are
You'll never erase this

So clench your fist and eat it
I can't find another way
To spell out all the older names
I don't recall

If our eyes don't meet again
I'll spell out your name across my...
It's the way you move your hair
(The way you move me)
Keep building those towers
Build it up, Build it up
And watch these waves keep us further apart

Trace the steps to get back to the place we stood before
I never knew you, never knew you

So tell me all of your stories
The things you've learnt through pain
How those hands had felt your heartbeat
How those hands took it away

I still feel the weight of your heart in my hands